Saturday, December 17, 2011

Nerds in Winter

The great project of our time. In anticipation of the Second Edition War of The Ring, I began to paint the first-edition figures, starting with the Haradrim regulars.

Assemble your posse, Charlie Murphy. The colors (seven plus three washes) are a little ambitious, I admit. These pics are after about a full day's work. I painted the bases (not pictured) a mix of brown and black washes over a tan basecoat to indicate Shadow-alignment (also matching the map's color for Mordor lands).

Primed and  ready to go. You can see a little bit of the red plastic coming through. I'm not sure what scale these are in, other than they're real small -- about half the size of D&D 28mm figures. The spot brush was in full effect. For reference, the squares on the craft mat are 1-inch.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Workout Playlist 110831

This blog needs more posts. Promise, I'll only post the ones with magic.

(Intended to play in list order over a 40-minute-ish workout.)

1. On My Level, Wiz Khalifa f. Too $hort
2. Angels and Devils, Mishka
3. Doin' Time, Sublime
4. My Sh*t Bang, E-40
5. Devastating Stereo, The Bangerz
6. Backseat, New Boyz f. The Cataracts & Dev
7. Home Again, Oingo Boingo
8. Just Like Heaven, The Cure
9. Campus, Vampire Weekend
10. Jump, Van Halen
11. Another One Bites the Dust, Queen

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Nu-Old Stock No. 3

Last cross-post from mixcrate for awhile:

Cardboard Collector by djStoic

Straight raw kung-fu b-boy jam. Been meaning to make a track like this for awhile -- inspired equally between The Jimmy Castor Bunch, The Incredible Bongo Band, Soul Sonic Force, and Dave Paul's "Revenge of the B-Boy" records.

The obvious influence is Babe Ruth's "The Mexican". The guitar and keyboard parts are unashamedly rooted from that song. Initially, I didn't plan on emulating the fancy guitar runs, but they turned into a nice vacation project. It was also a challenge to find believable horn sounds (and play them w/out the cheesy synth artifacts). I think they turned out alright.

One bit of breakbeat trivia I learned recently: The signature guitar melody from "The Mexican" (later re-popularized in "Planet Rock" for my generation) is originally from an old Clint Eastwood western -- For a Few More Dollars, theme by Ennio Morricone. Word.

Recorded in Reason 2.5 w/ *tons* of editing. Parts "played" ("entered" more like it) with a Korg NanoKey (and keyboard/mouse, ctrl-C/ctrl-V). Some voice and percussion samples from YouTube. Everything else is Reason.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Nu-Old Stock No. 2

Another cross-post from mixcrate:

Cold Slice by djStoic

Head-noddin' hang-over track for watching tennis finals. It is what it is. This initially started as a simple beat to scratch over, but decided to freestyle a little on the keyboard instead.

This is the first track I made with the Korg NanoKey. The solo was recorded while riding the train through the Sierra Nevada. That doesn't really have any bearing on the track, other than this random thought: Remember in X-Men #135 when Wolverine says the Rockies don't compare to the Sierras? Discuss!

The lyric sample is a flipped "Don't see my ones / Don't see my guns" from B.I.G. Just a line that was stuck in my head that day.

Recorded in Reason 2.5.

Nu-Old Stock No. 1

Cross-post from I had been meaning to post these on here -- in case anyone wondered what happened to my music [play sound of crickets]. This stuff is a year old, but representative of the sounds I'm after at the moment.

I'm finding that the only time I ever get to work on music is during extended vacations with extensive in-travel time. So that means I do have more tracks recorded from my last train trip to SD in the spring. And I'll likely have more time to edit that material next time we go to NY later this summer.

But first, the old stuff:

Jam the Bot by djStoic

Summer-time, bubble-gum track. This is the first in a group of short tracks recorded while on a three-day train trip from New York.

This started as an experiment on how to do that transformer/gate effect on a synth (think Timbaland and Kanye). Threw a beat on it, then started noodling around with a keyboard.

Recorded in Reason 2.5. Parts were played on a Korg NanoKey -- which, ironically, I've come to prefer for this kind of thing.