Sunday, April 29, 2012

Little Monstrosity

The newisht: I recenty came across the wildy successful Ogre Kickstarter project, a hex-style wargame with giant mech-bots. To which I say, hell yes.

But I found that I didn't much care for the game's aesthetics and backstory. This lead to finding Kwanchai's much-loved but copyright-blocked revision -- which was a closer match to my own military-history nerdiness. The original Ogre design (the silhouette of the mech) did give me an idea, however. It looks like the IJN Yamato. Specifically, the Star Blazers version of it.

And so it begins. This is at an initial stage, but shows the gist of the structure. It's a kit-bash using a model battleship and a couple model tanks. The intended scale follows the battleship, if you can imagine a giant tank the size of a half city block.

The biggest mods so far:
  • combining the two tanks into one wide platform
  • cutting out half of the battleship's battery and command center area
  • adding a battery to the command center
  • moving the lower part of the command center to the tower
I still need to figure out what I'll do with the gaping holes in the front and back, but I have some ideas. More later.

A good example of kit-bashing process. This shows the two tanks combined with spruces. The original models were two PT-7 Soviet tanks and the USS Missouri (eek, sacrilege, I know). When Rowan is a little older and can use it, I might build a motorized version of the Missouri.