Sunday, June 21, 2009

Drums ... Drums in the Deep

The new djembe is from the Ivory Coast (by way of Haight and Ashbury Music Center). It has a 13-inch head and sounds brighter than I would've thought. I love the carvings. Unfortunately, the shop didn't have any info on the type of wood used. Still, I played just about every djembe in stores from Concord to SF, and this was the winner.

. . .

BART sketches vol. 3
Week of June 15-19

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Refuge of a Scoundrel

The Safe Place is taking up residence in our upstairs plant room. I was inspired to put the drafting table together after watching UP on Friday night. (Go Ricky, Bobby, Al, and Pete!) It'd been disassembled since winter and still has a moving sticker on one of its posts. This room gets the most sunlight in our house. The light reflecting off the floors give everything a red tint.

In the Safe Place, I can listen to dream brother Jeff Buckley all I want while Lisa sleeps in.

So anyhow, you know that Miles Davis quote about "there are no mistakes"? Well, I think I got too carried away with this one and should've let the paint dry and sanded between layers. The tube of blue paint got all gritty, too, and I left it in the drips. I had originally set out to paint the hand from the first picture. It was a mood thing. I didn't want to paint anything that needed much precision.

Polishing a turd. I was not happy with this so I busted out the wide brush and white paint. I still have zero idea where this is headed.

This is where it stands today. I was having a hard time imagining how the hand would fit into this, so I drew some simple graffiti arrows to see if it'd make a better fit. I like the contrast between the definition of the arrows and the looseness of the background painting. I'll post an update next time I work on this.

. . .

We recently stayed at the Mountain View resort in Calistoga. This was my favorite piece from our room (forgive the reflection):