Saturday, April 18, 2015

Form Check

I decided against doing the full marathon in early May. I worked up to 17 miles on my long run, and it just didn't feel good. It stopped being fun. The extra miles of lactic build-up and muscle fatigue just made me think of things I'd rather be doing. eg, as I write this my four year old is nestled in quietly at my shoulder watching me type. Fleeting moments.

Runner's high is available any given moment. These are not.

That escalates my other goal of six tough trail half marathons through the year (elevation changes between 1,700-4,000 ft). Summit Rock last December was the first. The second one is tomorrow on Mt. Diablo.

Some recent running highlights:

  Age-group 4th place, Goonies 10k at Lagoon Valley

Age-group 8th place at Bay Breeze 5k San Leandro. Disney was on hand to promote their new movie.

 Avoided age-group dead last against a smaller, faster field at Lake Chabot Trail Run half. (This race was not part of the six half-marathon series.)
Get hype! Scenes from the Diablo course from earlier training runs.The bottom pic doesn't do the epic vista justice (from Wall Point). Those rock formations are the size of houses, and you can see the trail winding for miles behind you.