Wednesday, December 30, 2009

It Was Bitten

BART Sketches Vol. 6
Week 2
Dec. 21-25

Figured I'd try something different this week -- it being the holidays and not really being on BART other than to take trips to and from the airport. So, instead, I found drawings from artists I admire and unashamedly straight bit their steez. This also gives me a chance to highlight artists that have directly influenced my own development.

First up, Koloman Moser: Although Mucha and Klimt are my favorites of the Art Nouvea period, I find Moser to be more accessible - particularly from a design perspective. I like how details are implemented at an appropriate level; that the image doesn't overwhelm the design. My old art homie, Jerome, who used to design our gig fliers, liked to say "simple yet sleek." Moser reminds me of that.

Next, Damion Scott: A couple years ago, I came across his "how-to" book on drawing hip-hop. It's mostly on graf-style urban characters. Scott is also a successful comic book artist. I never really considered drawing in comic hero style (although John Byrne and Frank Miller were my faves growing up) and I have a deep respect for those who can. Scott bridged the gap between the two worlds.

Last, but not least, Adrian Tomine: I'm attracted to Tomine's writing as much as his illustrations. It is not hyperbole when peeps call him our generation's Raymond Carver. Nice thing is that dude is younger than me! So I look forward to a lifetime of his future work. Dude is a nice designer, too.