Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Sticky Green

Rainy-day gardening. Tree No. 2 is a Dwarf Myrtle.

I'm trying a technique I found on youtube about using sphagnum moss to develop better nebari. This tree's surface roots are pretty good already, but this tree looked to have had a rough time at the nursery and made a good candidate for testing.

I'll start thinning out the branches if it still alive in a month or so. It's basically re-potted in sphagnum moss, with the original nursery soil underneath the moss layer.

. . .

Tree No. 3 is a Forsythia. The trunk and roots are crazy, and I bought the plant just because of that. I'm not wild about the leaf shape and size.

Forsythia flowers profusely in late winter (I missed it) on old wood, so it made a good candidate for serious pruning. I'm leaving it in the nursery pot to help ease the trauma.