Sunday, April 7, 2013

Cabin... Fever...

A weekend stuck around the house convalescing from an owie. Spent more time with the Olympus 790. It suffered one drop and shrugged it off. Pic-quality wise, it doesn't compare to the Cannon (or even our smartphone cameras). But the camera that's easily stowed is the one that gets used.

Parker likes the new backyard space. He's learning that the hill is now off-limits with its gardening projects. And when he has gone on the hill (eg, to chase a squirrel), he comes right back when called.

 RoRo had enough of the yard.

 So we enjoyed the neighborhood's gardens.

And a neighborhood cat walked along with us for a few blocks.
 There is an amateur astronomer's group headquartered nearby.

 More garden highlights!

 We spotted the elusive neighborhood egret. (We live near a nature preserve.) Maybe I should figure out the zoom feature on the Olympus.

 Back at home, revitalized.