Sunday, September 14, 2008

In What Respect, Charlie?

I ride because there is no room for the weight of life, and it must stay behind, if only for a while.

--E. Portmann, Road Bike Action Magazine, Issue Sept./Oct. 2008

Because of rides like this:

- Dub-C to Sunol out-and-back in a blistering Yellowjackets paceline.
- Mt. Diablo solo to empty the tank, North Gate to Junction.
- Running on fumes past Diablo Ranch.
- Re-charging on the descent and realizing the earlier paceline speed was faster on average.
- But still cruising at 20 mph on the home stretch.
- Thinking I'd covered around 70 miles.
- Finding it was actually 80.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Three P(r)eaks

So, as it turns out, it was Tam, Diablo, and Hamilton in successive weekends. This was my first time up Hamilton, also riding for the first time with the BikeForums NorCal group. As first times go, Hamilton was my favorite of the three. Maybe it was the good company all along the way.

The meet-up near Alum Rock at Kirk. There were close to 40 riders at the start.

Overlooking San Jose a few miles up Mt. Hamilton Road.

The summit observatories first become visible near the top of the first climb.

The infamous switchbacks viewed from the top.

The lead group of the NorCal pack. Dudes climb like cats up a tree.