Sunday, November 22, 2009

Things for the Lookin'

Update on the studio:

Glenn jacked the VW sign during one of our very first gigs. We turned it upside down to represent "M.A., Main Attractions." My first DJ crew. I've had this insignia since around '87. Art by John Clark.

A new 23-inch monitor on a corner desk. Nice change from the 12-inch laptop. Framed artwork by Dug-One, Taliah Lampert, Michael Laurence (poster design), and me.

Eh, pic's a little soft. Just liked this little meeting spot in the room.

I've had this poster (K-Tel New York City Breakers) since '83. This is the one with the step-by-step popping and breaking moves. Ricky scored the second poster from this collection awhile back. That one shows step-by-step turntable scratching. Gotta find a frame for it.

A little cluttered. The painting in the middle helps hide cables. Serrato will eventually take its place. My right turntable's RCA cable is jacked. I've been cutting mostly to either a laptop or iPod. The speakers are from an old desktop.

The "rack" under the table is a re-purposed Rubbermaid drawer on a set of casters. The worktables are Ikea VIKA. The legs have these simple accessory drawers that come in real handy. The VIKA cable pouches (back underside of table) help keep things clean.

Besides Serrato, other pending additions include a new audio interface, a second computer, and a proper pair of studio monitors. I've been thinking of a patchbay, too, to help manage cable clutter.

The studio also needs a new name. "The Safe Place" is done.