Monday, October 13, 2008

Car Camping X

Me, Diablo, the moon in broad daylight ... an omen. (pic by lsalamida.)

The coffee maker didn't work. That was the last straw. Halfway up Mount Diablo on a cold windy morning, we thought we could at least have freshly brewed coffee. On this camping trip, the fire danger was not only "high", which made wood burning out of the question, the wind gusts made the fire danger "extreme"; We couldn't even light our camping stoves. "High" and "extreme" might be good for a Red-Bull-sponsored sporting event, but not for camping.

Actually, if anything, Lisa and I take taking car camping to the extreme. We'd brought our coffee maker to plug into the car's cigarette lighter. Coffee while camping is always tricky. This didn't work either. Not enough watts to operate the water pump, I guess. Should'a QA'd this.

The evening before, we had no firelog, s'mores, or a warm dinner. That's cool. I'd brought my bike and spent the afternoon climbing. I was pooped and was laid out shortly after sunset. Plus, camping is like the fisherman's adage: The worst day beats work any time.

But no coffee for breakfast? Pack up the tent and let's get outta here.

At least it wasn't one of those epic camping failures like the time we stubbornly setup camp in 100-degree heat only to pack up an hour later. Or the time we rushed out first thing in the morning to get a prime first-come camping spot, only to find out the mountain was closed for a cycling race.

Speaking of coffee, there's this funny bit of dialog from "Battlestar Galactica":

"Colonel, seven other container ships are now refusing to release their supplies. Food, medicine, even coffee."

"Coffee?!? ... Frak this. ... I'm sending in the marines."

Monday, October 6, 2008

Weapons of Moroland

If I'm gonna spend half the day in the saddle, might as well have proof of it.

From this weekend's First Annual Siclista Classic, rockin' the SoCal retro jersey. P.H., what!!!

Climbing Calaveras. Car back. Doh! That's the SAG wagon! SAG Wagon, what!!! (Pic by JohnnyBoy.)

About the Siclistas, they're a Filipino-American cycling group based out of Fremont. This was my first ride with them. Superunleaded from the NorCal group invited me to the ride during the Mt. Hamilton climb. "There'll be a fiesta afterward," he mentioned. Fiesta? No way I'd miss that.

Props to the Luzvimin team for setting the pace up front. (Pack included Maui and Lloyd Reynante, father-and-son from the Philippine national team; Son Lloyd had top 10 Pro/1/2 placings while visiting NorCal.) And thanks to the Team Tropa guys for leading the way back to the start.


From last week's Lighthouse Century along the Central Coast.

Somewhere near Cambria, rockin' the NorCal 08 jersey. Dub-C, what!!!

Climbing Old Creek, somewhere between Morro Bay and Hwy 46. (Pic by mhendricks.)

Descending Hwy 46 to Hwy 1. Sidenote: I had once stopped here several years ago to take in the view after a road trip to SF. Would've never thought I'd be riding a bike past the same spot years later. This pic doesn't do it justice, but from the lookout you can see coastal fog weaved into the local mountains.

We never saw the sun on the coast. Fog was so thick, we couldn't even see the ocean. If you are considering this ride, the hilly route is a must.