Saturday, February 22, 2014

Domino Effect, Arts & Crafts...

I've been able to get in more creative time with the girls sleeping through the night more consistently. Lately, that creative time has gone toward miniatures painting. Thought it'd be fun to document the progress here. If the painting has improved recently, it's all been due to learning new techniques and finding the right supplies. 

I think it's also helped that I've been painting lately at more than half the scale (10mm & 6mm) as most of the figures below. I'll post those later.

Ghouls 32mm D&D, Nov. 2010

Kobold Skirmishers, 32mm D&D, Nov. 2010

Haradrim, 25mm War of the Ring, Dec, 2010

Winterfell Cavalry, 15mm Battles of Westeros, Jan. 2013

Note, if there's some drop-off on the Wintefell figs it's due to painting at a much smaller scale, and with brushes not suitable for that scale. Not pictured above, I later painted on a small black wolf emblem on the riders' chests.

And then back to larger scale for more-recent work: 

Ents, 25mm War of the Ring, Dec. 2013

Here, the spray sealer I'd been using the last few years started to spit out white spots. I pretend it's bird poop.

And on to the latest at this larger scale:

Cave Trolls, 25mm War of the Ring, Jan. 2014