Saturday, July 16, 2016

Keto & The Bigger Picture

I’d meant to add this post later in the keto-update series, but world events lately got me thinking about “the man in the mirror.”

What am I doing to help bring light into the world? What am I doing to help ease the suffering? What am I doing about it in real life?

How can I serve? …

I have a family history of heart disease and diabetes. Both my parents were Type-2. My dad, a smoker and sedentary, died in his 50s of a heart attack. He was not much older than I am now. My mom died from brain-disease (PSP). Diabetes has been shown to accelerate her disease (and other brain diseases) -- if not contribute to its cause.

Now that I'm firmly in middle-age, I've noticed terms like "longevity" and "quality-of-life" becoming more a part of everyday conversation.

I grew up a runner and competing in races. I know what it feels like to compete in tip-top shape, and then try to do those same things while in poor health as a grown-up. In college and throughout my 20s, I tried to be a cool kid, picked up smoking (I know, I know), and ate/drank too much. Even now, decades later and leaner, I still see and feel the effects of those choices.

I have a responsibility to my family to be in the best shape I can be -- physically, mentally, financially; a responsibility to make positive choices a habit.

In the book series A Song of Ice and Fire (Game of Thrones) there is a saying: “Valar morghulis / Valar dohaeris.” All men must die / All men must serve.

We try to teach our children to be responsible, to be kind and generous. To contribute. To serve.

Can I expect that of myself?

So here goes. In the coming months I will be contributing my time and fitness goals to causes that are close to home and that affect my family and circle of friends. I hope to keep a running tally of that effort here, and keep that up for as long as I can.

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